Singapore 2017 – Day 3


Silly of me but one of my bucket list items for Singapore was to see wild monkeys. You should have seen my excitement when I finally saw some… you should have also seen the fear on my face when they started chasing me down… they really aren’t afraid of people. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s backtrack to the beginning of the day.

Up until now, I had been visiting all the  flashy tourist attractions and decided to get out of the city to somewhere a little “less touristy.” Early in the morning, I picked up a sandwich near Lavender Station and took the bus to MacRitchie Reservoir. It took about 3.5 hours to go from the entrance of the park to the Tree Top Walk (a free-standing suspension bridge) and back. With only a few inclines, the hike itself was not difficult but in just a few minutes, I was soaked in sweat; it was just too hot that day. By the time I arrived at the bridge, it started thundering and pouring rain. I was scared that I would get hit by lightning, but it was nice to see a different side of Singapore. DSC03446DSC03478DSC03519

After my hike, I returned to my guesthouse sticky and exhausted. It wasn’t even noon, so I decided to take a nap after a refreshing, well-needed shower. Then to stay cool during the hottest time of the day, I went to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

DSC03526 (2)

Bucket list item #2: kaya toast. Kaya jam on freshly toasted bread dipped in a soft-boiled egg and soy sauce mixture – this was a heavenly combination and I wish I could find it here in Toronto. 또 먹고싶다…

DSC03533 (2)

I then went back to the harbourfront area and walked along the water, through the Helix Bridge to Merlion Park. I didn’t spend too much time around the Merlion statue because it was too crowded and noisy.

DSC03543 (2)DSC03545 (2)

DSC03588 (2)

By the end of my walk, the weather had cleared up quite a bit.

DSC03559 (2)DSC03607 (2)

By night, I had done a full circle and returned to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I wish I tracked how many steps I walked that day…DSC03643

When I returned to Lavender Station at night, I was so exhausted and don’t even remember what I ordered at the hawker center Whatever it was, the portions were huge, and it was delicious. DSC03651End of day 3.





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