Netherlands & Belgium 2018 – Day 2

Day 2 is finally here! I’ve recently been spending way too much time catching up on shows and planning my next big trip instead of blogging. To anyone who actually reads my blogs, I apologize for the delay.


As we were both exhausted from the night before, we started off day 2 with a lazy morning brunch at Vinnies. We chose Vinnies because it came up as one of the top brunch restaurants in the area on google. The restaurant itself was really cozy and the service was good but the food was a little too salty for our tastes. I got the shakshuka and my friend got another egg dish but I cant remember what it was called. 20180316_005405

We then walked to Bloemenmarkt and came across Frens Haringhandel where we tried kibbeling (deep fried battered fish) and Dutch raw herring. To our surprise, the onions and pickles complemented the raw fish so well. Of all the foods we tried in Amsterdam, it was one of our favourites. It was a nice change from all the saltiness and sweetness but I think it’s one of those 50:50 hate it or love it kind of food. 20180316_005447

20180316_005734.pngI’m not sure what we expected going to a flower market in freezing cold weather…. Lucky for us, the store owners had plenty of fake tulips around to keep us from being disappointed.20180219_180848DSC07939DSC07951

To warm up, we walked into a random small restaurant for Poffertjes. Maybe I’m just greedy but I prefer 2 giant pancakes over a bunch of little ones…


As if we didn’t have enough to eat already, our next destination was Van Stapele Koekmakerij. This is a store that sells only one type of cookie made of chocolate dough and a white chocolate filling. There was a lot of hype for these cookies with the online community and people were saying that you need to call in and reserve them before they sell out but I guess it was too cold that day because the store was empty! I also do not have enough of a sweet tooth and was not able to fully appreciate them. If you are a huge chocolate fan, these cookies are a must for you. Although they must be eaten within 4 days, they are also really good gift ideas because of the nice packaging (the turquoise tins in the back of the photo).


It’s hard to believe but all that eating was done in a span of 3 hours. At that point, our bodies were allocating all our energy to digestion such that we were unable to generate heat and stay warm… We decided to uber to Anne Frank House instead of walking and realized that it must be so difficult to drive in Amsterdam due to all the narrow one-way streets.

Amsterdam Tip #1: If you are interested in going to Anne Frank House, make sure you book in advance online. I bought tickets a month in advance and still couldn’t get the time slots that we wanted. If you are looking to buy tickets at door, I kid you not, the line up is ridiculously long…

In terms of the whole experience, I personally did not know much about Anne Frank. I vaguely recall reading a book about her in elementary school. Because cameras are not allowed inside the building, this is the only photo I have of the whole experience. I can’t say it was good or bad but I am glad that we went. We walked through each room of the house while listening to a recording that highlighted different events or people in Anne Frank’s life. It was actually pretty eerie hearing the voice of the girl acting in for Anne as we walked through the remnants of her room and saw the pictures she had posted on her walls more than 60 years ago. This may not be the best attraction for children as there is a lot of reading involved and they may not be able to appreciate the meaning of it all. There are also a lot of very very steep stairs for anyone who has problems with mobility.


Dam Square was our next stop and apparently it was for the pigeons as well. There were hundreds of pigeons flying above us and all I could think was please do not poop on me. There was also a woman in the middle of the square making these beautiful soap balloons. She must have been freezing cold but thanks to her, all the tourists there were able to get really nice photos.


Our final stop for the day was the I Amsterdam sign. We spent about an hour waiting for most of the tourists to clear so we could actually see the sign in our photos. Unfortunately, by the time we had finished, Rijksmuseum was closing so we decided to come back another day. 20180316_01154220180316_005503

Somehow, after a morning of gluttony, we were hungry again. On our way home, we dropped by Mannekenpis for a night snack. We both got the smallest size but their serving sizes are quite generous. I got the signature sauce with my fries which was a combination of sweet, spicy and sour. This was also the dreadful night when I dropped my camera and broke the lens. Luckily, my camera was okay and it was just the kit lens that I broke. But because that kit lens had been with me since my first trip in 2014, it was a night of mourning and devastation. From that point forward, all my photos were taken with my phone camera and portrait lens. 20180219_172715

End of day 2.

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