Singapore 2017 – Day 4


One of the disadvantages of traveling alone is not having anyone to take photos of you. I have very few photos of myself in Singapore and for all we know, I might not have actually gone to these attractions and took all the photos from google (Note: all photos were taken by me). I got into the habit of asking strangers to take photos for me but unlike with friends, I can’t make them retake photos over and over until I get the image that I want 😀 I am not a huge fan of selfies so i was grateful for the random mirrors that I found at Singapore Botanical Gardens. 

Here are some photos of the National Orchid Gardens. When I was strolling through, a Korean tour bus had just arrived and I felt like I was in Korea more than Singapore.

DSC03670DSC03686 (2)On this day, I ate a lot of random food as opposed to having 3 meals. I went back to Chinatown/Maxwell Food Centre and ate chicken rice and carrot cake. I also had some kaya jam filled pastries (couldn’t get enough of that kaya), chocolate lava cake, a drink with 쿠우 on it, and Spicy Chili Crab Tendon. I really wanted to try the actual Chili Crab that Singapore is famous for but solo traveler disadvantage #2: can’t eat large group meals by myself.



Because this was my last night in Singapore, I went back to Gardens by the Bay to take in the beautiful site one more time. This time I did the Supertree Treetop walk and it was still an amazing, surreal view the second time around.


Finally, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Clarke Quay! Even on a Thursday night, this place was lit.


Overall, I had an unforgettable time in Singapore. My only regret was not spending more time in this beautiful country. If I had just one more day, I would have gone to Jurong Bird Park and the island, Pulau Ubin to bike around and see some wild pigs 😦 Maybe this means that I must return in the future to finish off my list. And hopefully, I will come with a friend so that I can finally try the famous chili crab. Until then, all I can do is imagine what it will taste like.

End of trip.

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