5 Days in Netherlands & Belgium – Overview

Words to describe this trip: delays and cold. All of our flights were delayed such that we lost half a day of our already too short trip. It was also a lot colder and more windy than we had expected. Nonetheless, we still managed to pack in most of what we had planned to do.


As this was my first time in Europe, I often felt as if I was in a surreal fantasy world. It didn’t help that a lot of the buildings in Brussels were rimmed with gold. Thinking back, we must have looked really silly as two overly excited girls, running around taking photos in nearly every street and always getting lost (google maps was not very accurate in small streets).

Overall, I enjoyed my time in both countries. Brussels and Antwerp were undoubtedly beautiful but I couldn’t help feeling a little bit cold. In Belgium, there was an endless number of grey-toned stone buildings towering over me, as well as an immense number of tourists. In contrast, Amsterdam was a cozy city saturated with colour. There were an infinite number of bicycles as well as, locals sitting out on patios (despite the cold weather).


It was not always fun and happy times though as we did get scammed in Brussels and ended up in a completely unknown city in Netherlands while going to Zaanse Schans due to miscommunication. I also dropped one of my camera lenses because of my carelessness and was not able to film or take photos of half the trip. Luckily, I at least had my phone camera to carry me through…

Stay tuned for my post on Day 1 which I will hopefully have done by the end of the week.

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