Singapore 2017 – Day 2


Here we are on day 2! Of all my days in Singapore, this day was the most eventful. I started the morning off bright and early at Harbourfront station with an egg salad croissant and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The sandwich was a mouthful of mayo and the juice tasted artificially sweet. I would have opted for a more ‘Singaporean’ option but this was the only place open in the area at the time. DSC03071It had been gloomy since the night before but luckily, the sun started to peek out. By the time my cable car reached Sentosa, it was bright, sunny, and intensely humid.dsc03089-e1517634288734.jpgAs it was early in the morning during the middle of the week, I pretty much had the island all to myself. It was refreshing to walk barefoot by the shore but I think this part would have been more enjoyable if I was with friends. DSC03101 (2)Here are some typical tourist photos of the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. DSC03129 (2)dsc03117.jpgAfter several hours of walking around, taking shuttles to different beaches, taking pictures of the giant Merlion statue, and running away from wild peacocks, I took the cable car back to mainland. By that point in time, more people were arriving at the island.

dsc03155.jpgBefore heading off to my next destination, I stopped at Mr. Bean for a quick snack of soya beancurd with boba – pretty much tofu pudding with tapioca in a sweet liquid. 고소하고 맛있었다 ~ I never thought that something so simple could be so addicting but I crave it every so often. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a place that sells something like this in Toronto.

My second destination was Chinatown and it did not disappoint! It was faithful to Singapore’s multicoloured architectural scheme and flaunted some beautifully bright buildings and lanterns. DSC03163 (2)DSC03171 (2)

I tried durian and durian flavoured ice cream and immediately, both were added to the short list of foods I dislike. Once is enough and never again! To get rid of the strong taste in my mouth, I ate some chicken rice from Chinatown Complex Food Centre.


Destination 3: my most anticipated attraction – Gardens by the Bay. I bought tickets for the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest and pretty much floated euphorically around the whole place. IT WAS MAGICAL. Here are a series of photos at Cloud Forest – I wish I was able to capture  how beautiful this place really is. My photos really don’t do it justice.DSC03238 (2)DSC03242 (2)DSC03256 (2)DSC03262 (2)DSC03271 (2)Next, I went to catch the Supertree Grove 7:45 pm light show. These trees are magnificent during the day but are even more so at night when they light up. I was immersed in a surreal fantasy world and felt like I was in the movie, Avatar. The light show was spectacular as the trees flickered to a Star Wars Medley. (It was so good that I actually came back the next day to watch it again… heh). Here are some shots of the trees at night, as well as Marina Bay Sands in the background. DSC03333DSC03344DSC03387After the light show, I walked around harbourfront to take in the downtown Singapore skyline. There were benches all along the dock and I felt at peace sitting with the others looking off into the calm waters. DSC03412My last meal of the day was at Lavender station right before returning to my guesthouse. I ate a bowl of laksa and it was delicious. I don’t know what authentic laksa is supposed to taste like but this was very satisfying to my taste buds after an exhausting day. dsc03419.jpg

Phew… end of day 2.

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