Singapore 2017 – Day 1


After an exhausting flight to Singapore with a layover in Hong Kong, I was extremely restless when the plane finally landed. Getting off the plane, I felt the Singaporean heat and instantly, sweat started gathering under my backpack. Thinking back now, the temperatures in Singapore were the hottest I have ever experienced in my life. Even my airbnb host was complaining that it was abnormally hot that year. So I was appalled to see some locals wearing jeans and sweaters while I was dying in shorts and tees.

After checking in to the guest house (Dream Lodge), I took a quick shower to cleanse myself of 19 hour flight grime. Little did I know that I would instantaneously start sweating again as soon as I stepped out of the washroom, making my attempts to be a clean and presentable traveler useless. I then headed out to Little India which was close enough to walk to. The streets were so clean and colourful! Sitting now at my desk, looking out on a cloudy, grey Toronto, I really miss the beautiful architecture in Singapore (and maybe the weather too….no).

DSC02983 (3)

DSC02996 (2)My first destination was Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. I think if I understood the architecture more, I would have had a greater appreciation for the temple. In general though, I found all the buildings in Singapore quite fascinating, not just in Little India and Arab street. DSC02993 (2)DSC03003 (2)At my next stop, I wandered around Arab street to visit Masjid Sultan and did a little window shopping at Haji Lane. 

DSC03051 (3)DSC03046 (2)Food and drinks of the day: I wasn’t that hungry after sitting on the plane for so long but the smell of Indian food was so alluring. I destroyed this butter chicken which was recommended to me by the waiter and discovered my love for garlic naan.

DSC03000 (2)I also bought a mint drink at Haji Lane when I was at the brink of dehydration. It was ok. Just OK… But acceptable because I was thirsty and they had unlimited lemon water.


Finally, ended the night off with 혼술 ㅎㅎ after a nice second shower in a beautifully air conditioned room ~ But was not a huge fan of Tiger beer.

End of day 1.

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