Ottawa 2018 – NYE

Prologue:  Michelle and Kim, two friends I was blessed to have met on my 2017 student exchange in Taiwan, encouraged me to start a personal travel blog. At first I was hesitant since it takes a lot of work and time to blog. But since I need some more ways to procrastinate and have a bunch of trips coming up this year… There’s no harm in trying, right? New years resolution # 1: Blog all my travels 

NOTE: Everything is opinion-based. Please take everything as a grain of salt

[12/31/17 – 01/01/18]


Winter vacation this year was especially memorable as Michelle and Kim were visiting me in Toronto. As a special surprise, I planned on taking them to Parliament Hill to see the fireworks for NYE. Little did I know that this year, a ‘bomb cyclone’ would cause record breaking cold temperatures in all of the North East coast and to my disappointment, new years celebrations would be cancelled…

After several hours on a very comfortable Via Rail train, we arrived in Ottawa and ubered to our guest house, Ottawa Backpackers Inn. Check-in 하고 점심 먹으러 유명한 shawarma 맛집으로 갔다. 너무 추워서 10분 식당까지 걸어가는것도 너무 힘들었다. 눈 바람땜에 잘 보이지 않았는데 지나가는 아저씨 수염에 고드름이 붙어있는거 보고 놀랐다.


Shawarma Palace was a small restaurant with friendly staff. We decided to share 2 plates  (mixed meat and falafel) since all 3 of us were not that hungry. However, the portion sizes were ridiculously large and we had to take half the food to go. It’s clear why this place was famous.

After lunch, we met up with my classmate, Jon, at the Rideau Centre. We went to Byward Market but strangely everything was closed, maybe because of the poor weather. After taking pictures at the OTTAWA/AWATTO sign, we had to take refuge in Chapters to warm up.

Since our outdoor countdown plans flopped, we ended up going to the Loft Board Game Lounge. We met up with two of Jon’s local friends and spent the whole night playing a bunch of games. 처음으로 친구들 같이 countdown해서 되게 낮설었는데 재미있었다. Starting 2018 off on an adventure with new and old friends, I hope the remainder of this year maintains this momentum. I also think I should invest in some board games, especially bananagrams…

Note: The location of the guesthouse was great but there was no central heating on the coldest day of the year. The only thing we had to keep us warm was this tiny little plug-in heater that did not work very well. We slept with our coats on that night… There was also a group of really sketchy people that hung around the kitchen all night. I will never go back there again. Rating 1/5


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