Old Quebec 2018 – Where’s my 공유?

[01/03/18 – 01/04/18] Our day in Quebec City definitely was a game changer (trip changer?). Mother Nature decided to have mercy on us and made it a little bit warmer and gave us some beautiful chunky snowflakes that made it seem like we were in a cozy snow globe town.


Although we had some trouble finding the right place to check in, our guesthouse (Gîte Côte de la Montagne) was one of the best parts of our trip. Not only was it warm and clean, it was at the best location. Our window looked out to the holy ground where 공유 once stood. We also had an awesome rooftop view of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, which we risked our lives to see.

After a quick break in our guesthouse, we ventured out to do some typical tourist activities: we took pictures in front of the 도깨비 filming sites, bought some local iced cider, and tried maple taffy at a sugar shack.


Biggest mistake of the day was each of us buying our own maple taffy. It was legit a ball of sugar for $2 that none of us could finish. Another thing on my list of foods I will only try once, (along with durian).


Everything else we ate in Old Quebec was just amazing. We went to le Cochon Dingue and ate “the delicious one” (a crepe filled with duck, leeks and onions). This was my favourite meal of the trip. My taste buds were stimulated in all the right ways. The crepe was savoury, the side of potatoes was just the right amount of salty, and the french toast added a nice sweet touch. 꿀맛…또 먹고싶다….

For dinner, Kim was able to get a last-minute reservation for us at le Lapin Saute. I ate the rabbit puff pastry with foie gras terrine. I don’t even know what foie gras terrine is but it was delicious. The restaurant interior was also really cozy with a warm fireplace.



And so our short Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec trip comes to an end. Thinking back, I remember being worried while heading to Pearson International Airport to pick up Kim and Michelle. I remember thinking that we got along so well in Taiwan but questioned whether we would be okay meeting again outside of the student exchange setting. I guess this was another example of overthinking Soojin since everything was pretty much the same as before. It was great to be reunited with these girls and traveling with them made me reminisce about all the good times in Taiwan. I am so glad to have met such amazing travel buddies and look forward to our next trip together.

End of trip.


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