Montreal 2018

[01/01/18 – 01/03/18] All I can say is… I don’t think I will ever go to Quebec in the winter again. Even with double pants, double sweater, double socks, double scarves (*cough Michelle), double everything, it was always cold. I fully endorse the use of hand warmers – $9.99 for a pack of 10 at Canadian Tire (I was not paid to say this). 


montreal_180107_0080.jpgWhat can I say about our short time in Montreal? It was too cold to do anything. We went to Mont Royal to see St. Joseph’s OratoryOld Port, and the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal (MAC). I’ve been to St. Joseph’s Oratory and Old Port several times before but MAC was a new experience. For a moment, I tried to be cultured by learning about Leonard Cohen and his life. Despite my attempt, I could only see doughnuts from this exhibit and was flagged by the security guard 3 times for reasons I do not remember.


Other than that, all we did was eat. No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to la Banquise and Schwartz’s DeliLuckily, our timing was good and we didn’t have to wait in line for a long time. I’m honestly not a big fan of deli meat but eaten once in a while, these smoked meat sandwiches are heavenly. And I don’t know if I was just hungry, at which point anything would have been delicious, but even just the plain fries from la Banquise were so sweet and addicting.

Another one of my Montreal favourites is the L’Avenue Bistro for brunch. I have a very big weakness for eggs bennys and breakfast food. Thankfully, my body was able to handle all the calories we indulged in that day and didn’t have a heart attack.


An unintentional discovery: On our way back home from la Banquise, I failed at navigating and got us lost. But to our luck, we came across the Portuguese egg tart store that Kim had wanted to go to. I told myself that I would eat just one but ended up devouring two. Note to future self: always warm up egg tarts. They taste so much better.


Honourable mention to our late night Indian food excursion where we were approached by a homeless man yelling at us in French and 쫄아서, we practically ran back to our guesthouse. Other than that, it was a quiet two nights with giant Kinder surprise toys and weird Quebec movies about little girls who dance barefoot in their fountains (I’m sure there was more to it but my Indian food was too good to focus on the plot).



Last but not least, our guesthouse – a large lime green-walled loft, conveniently located on top of a Starbucks and a pizzeria, with an uncountable number of unplugged lamps without light bulbs. The furniture reminded me of either IKEA or my grandma’s house. The memory foam mattresses were so comfortable and kept us quite warm. It was a nice change after sleeping in the cold the night before. This awkwardly designed but 매력있는 loft gets a 4/5.

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